Work Table Installation

Installing the printer on the work surface

Tools required

  • Work gloves



  • Make sure to place the printer on a very sturdy table or work surface to minimize vibrations during printing.
  • The rear of the printer must be accessible to load and unload filament, and for safety reasons.
  • We recommend at least 1 foot behind the printer from any wall.
  • Work surface must be a minimum of 23” x 25”.
  • The X400 is a heavy machine, so the work surface should be strong enough to accommodate a minimum of 150lbs.


  1. Make sure the work area is clear of any objects or debris.
  2. Both individuals must put on a pair of work gloves.
  3. Enlist the help of a second person to lift the printer onto the work table or surface.

    2 people are required to lift the X400. Do not attempt to move it by yourself!

  4. Using the handles on the sides of the printer, gently lift and set the printer on the work surface.

    Any bumps or shocks could throw off the leveling of the bed, gantry, or other parts in the machine, so lift and set it down carefully.

  5. Plug the power cable into the printer.
  6. Remove the plastic film protection from the top and front door panels.

  1. Remove the plastic film protection from the touch screen.

The screen bezel is designed to be loose fitting for ease of removal and maintenance. Do not become alarmed if it feels a bit loose or detached from the screen when removing the film. Pressing it down gently back onto the chassis is all that is needed.

We recommend the ULINE Mobile AV Cabinet for the X400/X400+ models.

The work area is a perfect fit for the footprint of the machine, and has ample storage for filament underneath.