Printer contents

Unpacking the printer

Tools required

  • Phillips head screwdriver

What’s included in your kit

  1. 3D LABS X400/X400+ 3D PRINTER
    • 3x Hex (allen) wrenches, 3 x wrenches
    • Spare screws and nuts bag
    • Spare heater cartridge and thermistor
    • Spare low temp hotend
    • Spare high temp hotend w/brass nozzle
    • Spare endstop, filament runout sensor
    • 2 x spare brass nozzles
    • Spare spring, knurled nut, and screw for tension assembly
    • Spare low temp fan shroud
    • Spare BLTouch bed sensor
    • Spare fuse
    • Spare stepper driver
    • USB thumb drive
    • Tweezers, Pin for clearing nozzle clogs
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Purple glue stick
    • Spare blower fan, Masking tape
    • Flush cutters
    • Work gloves
  4. 2 x 1KG rolls of ABS (or ASA)
  5. High temp carbon fiber print surface
  6. 12 gauge 20 amp power cable


  1. Remove the RED gantry guard blocks with the Phillips head screwdriver before doing anything else.

Failure remove the guard blocks could damage the printer. These are installed to prevent movement of the gantry during shipping.

  1. Plug in the printer using the supplied power cord. (Usually located on top of the print bed, zip tied to the back panel).

The circuit must be 20 Amp 110V. The supplied plug is a NEMA 6-20P and will only fit the aforementioned type of socket plug.

  1. Turn on the printer.

  2. Press the Move button on the home screen.

  1. Press the Home All button. This will cause the system to home, and raise the bed so the contents underneath can be removed.
  1. Remove the filament, foam packaging, and tool bag from the bottom of the printer carefully.

Remember to keep all of your packaging for at least 90 days in case the machine needs to be shipped for repairs.