Loading Material

Loading filament into the printer

Tools required

  • Safety glasses
  • Flush cutters
  • Work gloves


This section of the guide will demonstrate how to load printing filament into the X400/X400+ 3D printers.


  1. Unscrew the ptfe tube coupling on top of the extruder head you intend to use.
  1. Unscrew the tension nut so that the spring is fairly loose.

Do not loosen it so much that the nut comes off of the screw.

  1. Open the rear door of the printer and feed the material through the tube until about 2" of filament comes out of the other end inside the printer.
  1. Carefully hang the spool onto the mount and close the door.

Often times Carbon Fiber blended filaments can be very springy and are wound very tight. If you have trouble hanging the spool onto the roller mount without filament springing off the roll, it helps to despool some of the material before loading it into the machine.

  1. Cut the tip of the filament at a 45-degree angle with flush cutters and insert it into the hole on top of the extruder head where you removed the coupling.

Cutting the filament at an angle allows it to mesh with the gear easier when inserting it.

  1. Press down firmly on the filament and insert it about 1” (you may have to press it in a couple of times) into the hole.
  1. Re-tighten the tension screw on the left a fair amount so that the spring is semi-tight. Tug on the filament lightly and you should feel some resistance. This is normal, it means that the extruder is gripping the filament, which is what we want.

The tension screw does not have to be super tight. Typically, a 1/8-inch (3mm) gap, or finger tight is a good place.

  1. Press the Material button on the touchscreen.
  1. Press the Extruder button.

Note: this button may be called “Material” on some models

  1. In our case we’ll be loading ABS or ASA that came with the printer, so choose Extruder 1 or Left.
  1. Set the temperature to 225C to use the ABS or ASA that you received with the printer.
  1. Press the Insert Filament button and wait for the nozzle to heat up.
  1. Once heated, the Start button will appear. Press it and the filament will begin loading.
  1. Once you see the filament come out, that means the material has been successfully loaded. Press the Finished button.

If you don’t see any filament come out, press the Extrude button twice.

If you still don’t see any coming out, try tightening the tension adjuster a little bit tighter, and it should begin feeding.