First Print

Starting your first 3D print


Now that the printer has been setup in the previous steps, it’s time for you to kick off your first test print.

We recommend using the file called First print, as it prints within an hour.


  1. Use the purple glue stick in your kit to apply a cross hatch pattern to the center of the print bed. Try to evenly cover an area of about 6” x 6”.

1-2 layers of glue is all that is needed. Do not apply more.

  1. Press the Files button.
  1. Select the First Print file and click Print

These files are sliced for ABS/ASA material. Do not attempt to print them with your own PLA material. Only use the material that came with the printer.

  1. The printer will being preheating, then the print will start.


  1. If you see that the first layer of the print is smashing down, or not sticking to the bed, this may mean that the distance between the nozzle and bed is either too far away, or too close.

    You can adjust the distance of the nozzle from the bed in real time to get a perfect first layer.

Your bed and nozzle gap are calibrated at the factory, so this shouldn’t be an issue in most cases. However, if the printer is jarred or moved aggressively, the calibration may have been slightly thrown off.

  1. Press Controls on the active print screen.
  1. Press the Babystep button.
  1. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the distance between the nozzle and bed.

Start with the smallest increments at first. There may also be a delay in the adjustment during a long print move, so be patient!

The UP arrow moves the bed up CLOSER to the nozzle, decreasing the gap. Apply this adjustment if the first layer appears stringy, or is not sticking.

The DOWN arrow moves the bed down FARTHER from the nozzle, increasing the gap. Apply this adjustment if the first layer appears to be smashing down, or not extruding at all.